Areas of expertise

The key to an optimized engineering solution is an effective collaboration of design and manufacturing engineering. It’s important to recognize the cost balance between a design intent and the manufacturing capability.

The necessary knowledge required to effectively combine these two disciplines can only be obtained through experience. provides consulting services in the area of gear-train design.

Areas of expertise

  • Complete gear-train systems designed to customer specifications
  • Splined couplings design
  • Optimization of existing designs to improve efficiency and reliability, increase load capacity, reduce cost and increase life of components.
  • Gear and gear-train failure analysis.
  • Reverse engineering
  • Gear stress analysis based on AGMA approach
  • Gear stress analysis – FEA
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Material and HT optimization
  • GD&T analysis and optimization (Datum structure & tolerances)
  • Quality control
  • Failure analysis
  • GD&T review and optimization
  • Gear inspection
  • Spline coupling design
  • Epicyclic gear drive design

gear design


For best results we collaborate with KissSoft
on our gear design and optimization projects


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