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A key to an optimized engineering solution is an effective collaboration of the design and the manufacturing engineering. An important element is to emphasize the cost balance between the design intent and the manufacturing capability. A necessary knowledge required to efficiently combine these two disciplines can only be obtained through experience.... more

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  • Face gear fixture

    Face gears are manufactured by shaping on special, but readily available machines, with tool and work axes intersecting at 90 degrees angle. Teeth are generated in radial direction in the plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Tool reciprocates vertically and rotates (preset ratio between the part and the tool) as it forms the involute profile of the tooth. This allows an uninterrupted conjugate action between pinion and face gear during operation. In the case described here it had been...
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 The concept of building a clock haunted me for quite a while. The...

Tattoo machine

How to build a tattooing machine out of an old doorbell? Although meant to ...

Star-Planetary Compound Gearbox With an Integral Sun Ge...

Klink on this link: Star-Planetary Compound Gearbox With an Integrated S...
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