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The key to an optimized engineering solution is an effective collaboration of design and manufacturing engineering. It’s important to recognize the cost balance between a design intent and the manufacturing capability. The necessary knowledge required to effectively combine these two disciplines can only be obtained through experience ...more

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  • Severe scuffing and cold flow

    DOCUMENT PDF: DOWNLOAD     Tooth Wear Modes Scuffing • rough torn furrows in the direction of sliding • adhesion is due to micro-welding and tearing of asperities under high loads. • affects addendum or dedendum of the tooth or both. • not present at pitchline (no relative sliding) • not a fatigue phenomenon Plastic deformation/cold flow • through hardened gears • insufficient hardness • high sliding and high loads (und...
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Gear Failure Analysis – Macropitting

Publication in attachment: download   &n...

Face gear fixture

Face gears are manufactured by shaping on special, but readily available ma...


    The concept of building a clock haunted me for quit...
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